Quo Transformes?

16-17 May 2024, Università di Pisa

This workshop is set up as a free-for-all event where we discuss and identify open research questions and new research directions in Graph Transformation.



    Participation is by invitation; we expect between 10 and 15 participants. This means that plenary discussions will be possible, and this might actually be the preferred mode; alternatively, if there is focussed interest on more specialist themes, we can divide into two or three subgroups.

    To collect topics for the workshop, a questionnaire has been created here. Depending on the response, more iterations can be organised, with the main aim to consolidate a set of topics in which a large fraction of the participants have declared their interest.


    The primary outcome of the workshop should be: inspiration for the participants to work on the issues discussed, ideally (but not necessarily) in collaboration. In addition, one can imagine more ambitious goals, including one or more of the following:

    • Topics for the GreTA seminar
    • Informal presentation at STAF 2024
    • Collective white paper
    • Initiative for a project proposal

    Programme outline

    The following is a very rough schedule according to the current plans. We mean to be flexible, so all suggestions are welcome!

    • Thursday 16-5
      • 09:00-13:00: 30 minute presentation/discussion of topics; first discussion round
      • 14:00-18:30: (continuation of) first and second discussion rounds
    • Friday 17-5
      • 09:00-13:00: consolidation of the previous day’s outcomes
      • 14:00-18:30: optional continuation of exciting discussion


    The workshop will take place at the Sala Riunioni Ovest at the Dipartimento di Informatica, located at Largo Bruno Pontecorvo 3, 56127 Pisa (second floor). Here’s a map:

    Refreshments and lunch

    Simple refreshments will be offered during the morning and afternoon breaks in the meeting room.

    Light lunches will be served at Tritica, which offers slices of pizza and some other simple cold plates, very close to the department:


    For dinner, we suggest to go collectively to the following restaurants:


    At the moment of writing, the following participants have confirmed:

    Artificial Intelligence

    The following is a picture that DALL-E came up with when asked to generate an image based on “double pushout construction tower of pisa, clipart“:

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